It will cost you more to travel with your vehicle on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry beginning in April.

The Delaware River and Bay Authority announced they have approved a new fare schedule for the ferry.

In-season ferry travel, between April and October, all vehicle fare classes will increase by $2.

However, there will be some discounts available for frequent travelers, first responders, and families traveling with kids.

Return trip value fares remain unchanged, providing more than an 18% discount compared to one-way fares. The in-season child rate is lowered by $1 while all other passenger fares remain unchanged.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry points out that passenger and shuttle fares have not increased since 2009.

The proposed fare schedule is projected to generate approximately $132,000 while providing reduced rates for families with children and discounting fares for first responders. The new fare structure is effective April 1, 2022.

Here's a summary of other Cape May-Lewes Ferry changes:

  •  A new fare category has been created for scooters that are one-half of the 2-wheel motorbike fare.
  • A Rewards Member program is being implemented
  • “Blue and Red” discounted rate (-$2 per trip) implemented for first responders has been made permanent.
  • There is now a “no-show” fee of $10 and the reservation cancellation fee has been increased by $1
 “Overall, the goal is to create modest increased revenue, but to keep fares as affordable as possible - even in times of escalating fuel and operating costs - by offering discounts that encourage multi-trip and family bookings,” said Heath Gehrke, director of ferry operations.
“Traveling for a vacation and visiting family are the two top reasons people use the Cape May–Lewes Ferry so we know affordable family travel is important to our customers.

Many of the fare changes, like the new scooter fare and the Rewards Member program, are the direct result of customer and employee feedback. We recognize how important the ferry is to the regional economy and want to make sure we continue to attract tourism to the area.”

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