South Jersey's kids can get super creative when it comes to Halloween costumes.

This year is no exception. Case in point: one child in particular already OWNED Halloween 2021. Of course, there have been dozens of great costumes floating around social media today, but one in particular take the cake. Seriously, when it comes to representing South Jersey, it's hard to imagine someone coming up with anything more creative.

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry Facebook page shared a post about a child that decided to dress up as South Jersey's most famous marine vessel.

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Complete with a cardboard model of the ferry itself, a little boy named Kenny completed his Cape May-Lewes Ferry costume with a captain's hat on top.

Let's get real for a second -- Jersey is never shy about opinions. Nobody's afraid to express how they feel, so you can bet that Kenny's ferry costume was no exception. Good news for Kenny though, South Jersey's already given its stamp of approval on the costume, commenting on the post with the nicest compliments one could hope for, especially for a child.

Honestly, it's such an accurate representation of the ferry that it's hard to imagine anyone possibly having anything negative to say.

Kenny totally NAILED his interpretation of the Cape May-Lewes Ferry.

If you haven't seen it in your social media rounds today, make sure you check it out HERE.

Great job, Kenny! We can't wait to see what you come up with next year!

Source: Facebook

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