Last night I finally went to see Star Wars:The Last Jedi. Don't worry there will NOT be any spoilers here, this article has nothing do to with the movie itself.

The movie was at 7:30, which usually means it starts at 7:50 because of 20 minutes of previews. By the time we got to the theater, got some popcorn, and sat in our seats it was around 7:40. In my mind that meant 10 more minutes of previews then the movie would start.

I was wrong.

When we were walking into the theater we noticed a sign by the door. It was a typed notice that I didn't really read. In red ink I noticed it said something about 15-20 minutes. Above that in black was something about how many people are going to see the movie. I didn't bother to stop and read the notice.

7:50 came and went. The previews were still running. I should make a note that I enjoy previews, I like seeing which movies are coming out and seeing it on a big screen. At one point I was hitting my brother when the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer came on. The movie didn't start until 8:00!

Let's do the math here, that is 30 minutes of previews! I know I said I enjoy previews, but even for me that is a bit excessive. My brother said that the notice at the door explained that the previews were longer than the usual 15-20 minutes because of the amount of people coming to the movie.

We went to a 7:30 showing on a Tuesday night and the theater was completely full. Even the front row was full.

I'm going to play both sides here. On one hand, I think if you're late, you're late. You already know you have a 20 minute cushion, you shouldn't need another 10. Get to the movies a bit earlier. On the other hand, there was a decently long line to get popcorn, especially for a Tuesday night. The parking lot was also packed. With that in mind I am a bit understanding why they did that. The theater can't get everyone in and get the snack line moving fast enough.

What are your thoughts?

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