Maybe I'm just a sucker for a musical, but I found Fox's A Christmas Story: Live quite enjoyable.

Last night Fox aired another live musical, which has been a trend over the past few years. Many of these live musicals on TV have flopped ratings wise, however the networks keep making them. Just in time for the Christmas season the network chose to do the musical version of the classic A Christmas Story.

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The cast for last night's production was pretty impressive with Matthew Broderick (older Ralphie/narrator), Maya Rudolph (Mother Parker), Chris Diamantopoulos (Old Man Parker), Jane Krakowski (Miss Shields), Ana Gasteyer (Mrs. Schwartz), Ken Jeong (tree salesman/restaurant owner), Fred Armisen (elf), and David Alan Grier (Santa) making up some of the cast. The children in the cast such as Andy Walken (Ralphie Parker) and Tyler Wladis (Randy Parker) were extremely talented.

The sets were done well, the songs were catchy, and the show captured the essence of the original movie. Of course, the special was compared to the 1983 movie many know and love. However, if we want to be nitpicky, the original movie was based on a book. We could get critical of the 1983 film and compare it to the book.

The version of the story Fox had put on last night was not specifically based off of the movie, rather the Broadway musical that ran in 2012. Fox was not trying to recreate the movie, they were recreating the musical which is much different.

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It is unfair to compare A Christmas Story: Live to the popular movie, since they were not trying to re-do the movie. This is no different than another theatrical company putting on a production of a musical that was once on Broadway.

If you like musicals and you like A Christmas Story: Live I would suggest checking on-demand to watch it.

What did you think of A Christmas Story: Live?

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