Hopefully, this isn't a case of animal dumping. That would be horrific.

Still, that's what some people are commenting under a video that was shared on Facebook that features an adorable (yet GIANT) pot-bellied pig that seems to now be on his or her own in the woods. It's heartbreaking.

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The pig was seen walking around in the woods off of Route 206 in Shamong, Burlington County this week. It's safe to assume that the pig is a domesticated one based on his interactions with the people who originally spotted him. Thankfully, they were decent humans who had a feeling this precious piggy was either lost or dumped.

Many people have been kind enough to share advice with the people who found him like who to call and what to do next. Since the weather's been so chilly, the pig is in a pretty bad spot. It's important the pig finds refuge somewhere if nobody is going to step up to claim him (or her).

The video was shared on Facebook on Sunday. People have asked the OP (original poster) to keep them informed via the comments section if the pig is reunited with its owners. Since nothing of the sort has yet been said, it's safe to assume the pig is still out there.

You can take a look at the video for yourself in an effort to see if you recognize this friendly piggy. It really is soooo cute! Check it out HERE.

Hopefully, something happens with this pig sooner rather than later. While pigs are super intelligent, it's still not ideal for a domesticated one to be out in the cold like this.

Source: Facebook

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