It seems like everyone in the nation has been captivated in one way or another by the new "Barbie" movie. Have you seen it yet?

I have to admit, I may be the only person out of my friend group who hasn't had a chance to make it to the theater yet to check it out. I couldn't wait, however, so I know the plot. I'm not patient enough to wait out the spoilers.

For those who haven't scene it yet, take it from someone who read what happens and STILL plans on checking it out, you HAVE to go see this one. Now, for those of you Barbie-obsessed, if you live in the South Jersey area, you don't have to let go of the phenomenon just yet.

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Get ready to experience Barbie IRL!

The Barbie Dreamhouse Living Tour is coming to South Jersey this fall. If you've found yourself obsessed with everything Barbie and pink lately, you have to make sure you get out to the mall in Cherry Hill to check out the Barbie bus!

SS via @barbiethemovie via Instagram
SS via @barbiethemovie via Instagram

You'll be able to get your hands on some pretty awesome merchandise as well as pose for some Insta-worthy pics with the decked out cruiser. If you're planning on scoring and merch on the tour, just make a mental note that the bus tour only takes credit cards. No cash purchases allowed.

Make sure you get yourself to the Cherry Hill Mall on Saturday, October 14th, so you can see the Barbie bus in person for yourself!


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