Oh, I can just hear it now. After reading this, boomers everywhere will say yet again, "milliennials ruin everything."

While that's DEFINITELY NOT TRUE (at least in my case - millennial, here!), this particular stat that's recently been released does have me disappointed in my generation.

Jobsite recently posted a survey taken of 4,000 UK-based employees, all millennials, about office-related celebrations revealing that a third of them feel that they've spent way too much of their hard-earned cash on office functions like birthdays and 'Secret Santa'. Apparently, they feel like they shouldn't be forced to pull from their savings account in order to participate.

The solution? Millennials say they'd rather just not have one in the office at all. While that's really unfortunate since those types of celebrations normally boost office morale (they have everywhere I've ever worked), it's understandable to not want to spend (nor be expected to spend) an arm and a leg. Maybe, the problem can be solved by setting a spending cap? That way nobody will be made to feel like they need to purchase something super fancy in an effort not to look cheap.

Just a thought.

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