You read that correctly.

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A new study has recently revealed that millennials plan on snapping a whole bunch of selfies with their Christmas feast. If you find that strange, just search the hashtag 'Christmas Dinner' (#ChristmasDinner) on social media platforms before you sit down to eat your Christmas Day celebratory meal with the family. You can trust that you'll find thousands if not MILLIONS of pictures capturing the occasion.

The survey was conducted by American Express and suggests that 29% of millennials take between two and seven minutes to snap selfies of their Christmas dinner.

Other findings include these stats:

- 54% of Millennials are planning to avoid neutral-colored and beige foods on Christmas Day so their dinner looks more attractive when they post pictures of it on Instagram.

- 54% of Millennials avoid gravy and stuffing on Christmas Day because they don't photograph as well as colorful foods.

- 78% of people will post pictures of their Christmas dinner on social media.

Christmas Day is always one to remember. You can bet you'll remember the meal, too, thanks to social media.

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