Responsible parenting: Necessity or Suggestion?

Apparently, it's the latter for this woman. Apryl Connolly of Deltona Florida is now facing child neglect charges after a night of intoxicated frivolity led to her son almost drowning in a hotel hot tub in Daytona Beach. reports that Connolly was spending the weekend at a resort with her two children and their father. She was seated at a table when the two children walked away from her. The 3-year-old fell into the hot tub and was submersed under water for over two minutes. Connolly later told authorities that she and her partner had consumed alcohol as well as other substances at the time of the incident.

Reportedly, the father had left the children Connolly's presence when the boy stepped into the hot tub. The front desk clerk alerted resort personnel to the incident after spotting a portion of it on the surveillance video.

Upon arrest, Connolly admitted to trashing a blue pill. It's since been found and submitted for testing.

Check out the surveillance footage below. **Warning: Content Deemed Sensitive**

Connolly is being help in jail without bond. Click HERE for more info.


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