Rachel Marie is at it again! Her #DailyDoseOfGood every morning on Cat Country Mornings with Joe and Rachel, reaches out into the Cat Country Community to see who out there is in need of a little extra good...

And today, I have to thank Jennifer Henry Marshall for bringing this cause to my attention. She reached out to Cat Country in regards to Jason Dougherty from Mays Landing.

Credit: Kathryn Hawk via Go-Fund-Me
Credit: Kathryn Hawk via Go-Fund-Me

On March 11th, Jason was involved in a single car motor vehicle crash. He was ejected from his vehicle, sustained critical trauma to his head, and was airlifted from the scene of the accident. Jason is a dedicated father to 3 children; Jason Jr, Sadie-Ann, and Bella, and the fiancé to Kathryn Hawk,  who has created a Go-Fund-Me Page in support of Jason and their family.  Jason  is the sole provider for our family and now, he’s in a fight for his life.

Jason is currently in the ICU, on a ventilator, and will likely have a very rough road to recovery. It’s not clear how long it will be before Jason is able to return to work, but he has always been the type of man to work through pain and injury. Everyone who knows Jason, knows that he is the guy everyone calls when they are in need. He would give you the shirt off his back if he thought you needed it. However, Jason may be most known for his service as an active member of our local volunteer fire company.

Jason has always been their for our community; But now, he's in need of OUR help! Donations to this cause will not only help Jason and the family now, but it will also assist them all to survive while he makes a full recovery! A harsh reality of this situation is on top of the day-to-day bills starting to pile up, is medical expenses as well. So, your donation and support would really help soften these blows for the family.

Even though no donation is too small, and every dollar counts. If you can’t donate monetarily, NO WORRIES, there are other ways you can help! Comment, like, and share this page to help spread the word! The family asks that you keep Jason, and them, in your prayers.

And with the power of prayer and everyones support, the family was already able to raise over half their goal of $10,000 in less than a month! So lets keep it going for them and show the world that the Cat Country Community does the most GOOD!


If you know someone out there who is in need of a little extra good, shoot us a message on our Facebook page!

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