Let's start by saying, if you are not going to take care of a pet and give it absolutely no attention, you shouldn't have a pet.

This is the second dog in two weeks named Autumn who had a terrible life and a family that didn't care about them. This Autumn is only a puppy and has spent her life tied up on a 2-foot chain. The puppy is 4-5 months old. Her collar was so tight that it embedded itself into her neck. Now, Autumn is looking for a new home.

According to Patch.com, Autumn broke free of her chain and a neighbor rescued the pup. She was then brought to a Tri-Boro Animal Welfare partner rescue.

Autumn's collar was so embedded, she had to have surgery on her neck. The rescue also gave Autumn all of her vaccines and had her spayed.

For now, Autumn will be staying with a foster home, but is looking for a loving family to give her a forever home. You can get more information about Autumn on the Tri-Boro Animal Welfare website.

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