The other day, my wife asked me to pick up ice cream from the store on the way home.  There's a ShopRite on White Horse Pike that I frequent, so this wasn't an unusual request.

When I arrived, and made my way to the ice cream section, I realized I had no idea what flavor she wanted.  When I called to ask what she wanted, the response was predictable, "What kind do they have?"

Of course, I'm guessing there were roughly a hundred different flavors.  I wound up bringing home something called "Moose Tracks."

Of course, during the drive home, I began to think about my ice cream experience.  As a kid in East Windsor, up in Mercer County, every night during the summer, we'd wait for the Good Humor truck to come.  It was a nightly ritual that I'd buy a Cannon Ball.  It was a plastic cone with raspberry sherbet, and it had a rock-hard gumball at the bottom.

If you've ever watched the Eddie Murphy ice cream man routine, I can attest to the authenticity of the reaction to the arrive of the ice cream truck (and in case you haven't seen Murphy's routine, click here and you can thank me later.

Netflix Is A Joke via YouTube
Netflix Is A Joke via YouTube

I did some research.  I wanted to see if New Jersey had a favorite ice cream flavor.  My findings were pretty surprising, and if I had fifty guesses, I never would have guessed this.

According to Travel and Leisure, the most popular flavor of ice cream in New Jersey is old school.  They say Pistachio is New Jersey's favorite ice Cream Flavor.  In case you were wondering, Pennsylvania likes Mint chip and New York, like Jersey favors Pistachio.



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