Whenever a new restaurant opens, I get excited.  I enjoy trying new places and discovering new dishes.

The last couple of weeks, we've seen several new Italian places open, and by all accounts, they've lived up to the hype.

This is also the time of year, when our seasonal favorites start to open.  The best part of this time of year, is visiting the spots that are well-known before the season starts, and you have to compete with tourists for tables.  This is the easiest times for locals to enjoy those places.

Now comes word of another new restaurant.  You may recognize their name, but this is a new location.  PJ Buckets has already established themselves on North Dorset Avenue in Ventnor.

They've got a wide selection of soups that are a must-try.  Cajun Gumbo and Lobster Bisque seem to be favorites here.

The list of appetizers is enough to create a meal.  Shrimp mac and cheese is something I ate a lot of down south, and you won't be disappointed.

For the main event, they offer a nice selection of seafood boils.  With choices like the Maryland Boil, feature lots of crab, and Louisiana Boil, which comes hot or hotter, as well as several other options.

PJ Buckets Seafood via Facebook
PJ Buckets Seafood via Facebook

This year, they have a new Italian boil.  This features Shrimp, Mussels, Clams, Scallops & Lobster Tail with Sweet Sausage in a flavorful Italian Gravy over Al Dente Pasta.  Yum.

If all else fails, you can create your own boil.

Ventnor Business Association Events & News via Facebook
Ventnor Business Association Events & News via Facebook

Now, PJ Buckets is coming to Ocean City.  They're opening at 8th and Ocean.  They promise the same high-quality food, and a fun atmosphere.  They haven't announced an opening date yet, but this is a place you probably want to hit up before the tourists find it.

Seafood Spot To Open New Ocean City Location (msn.com)

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