I always knew Jersey was the home of some pretty smart cookies!

Haters can hate on the Garden State all they want, and they certainly will, but the one thing all Jersey haters can't dump on the state for is its quality of education. They can complain about high property tax, how expensive homes are, and even how many people are packed in together like sardines wherever you turn. Still, what they can't say is that their kids won't get a decent education here.

A new study even proves it! According to a recent survey that examined the quality of education within all 50 states of America, New Jersey ranked pretty high up on the list. As a matter of fact, when compared to other states in variables like the number of people with high school diplomas, Bachelor's Degrees, and average University quality, New Jersey comes in the top 10.

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New Jersey has ranked as the top 6th state overall for education. That means that the Garden State is officially the 6th most educated state in America. According to the study, New Jersey ranked in the 4th highest percentile for people with Bachelor's Degrees, the 7th percentile for Graduate Degrees or higher, and ranked number 1 in the gender gap when it comes to degree attainment.

Source: WalletHub

So, as the study would show, New Jersey's got some pretty well-educated residents. Let 'em talk, Jersey. Chances are, if you live in the Garden State, you're smarter than they are. Well, book smart, at least. KIDDING! (sort of...)

Source: WalletHub

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