A few months ago, it was announced that Newark Liberty International Airport would provide a direct flight to Cuba.  And now there's a date for service!

Tuesday, November 29th will find the first flight from Newark to Cuba since the sanctions were dropped with Cuba.

United.com has already started taking reservations for the November 29th flight that will leave Newark at 10:18am and arrive in Cuba at 1:53pm.

Delta and JetBlue will also begin flights to the Caribbean nation in the fall as well.

According to NJ.com,

United also announced that it will launch Saturday service between Houston's George Bush International Airport and Havana.

The first commercial flight between the U.S. and Cuba in 55 years took place last week. A JetBlue flight made a 51-minute trip from Fort Lauderdale to Santa Clara, Cuba, according to USAToday.com.

Who wants to go to Cuba after Thanksgiving?  Because I can't wait to go!

Source: NJ.com

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