A New Jersey man from Monmouth County totally faked a peanut allergy to propose to his girlfriend.

Even though it was absolutely traumatic, she still said yes!

Lauren Trulli, a nurse at Monmouth Medical Center, pretty much reacted as any nurse would when she saw a man being carried out of an ambulance on a stretcher into the ER where she works. She quickly realized the man being carried out, was her boyfriend Tom Ciancia--who does in fact have a peanut allergy.

Thinking he was having a serious reaction, she ran to be by his side, only to watch in shock as he got down on one knee.

Tom also works as a nurse at the Hospital, where he convinced staff to help him execute his plan.

According to Inside Edition, Tom said:

I was so nervous. Imagine if she said no in front of all of our co-workers.

AWKWARD. And dramatic...yet cute.

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