April showers bring May Flowers, but May flowers bring pollen and lots of allergies!
Who said that NJ's allergy season was supposed to start in February?! Cause to me, mother nature had another thing in mind...

Macro of honey bee eating nectar on yellow flower
Credit: Steve Frost, Thinkstock

I don't know about you, but my newsfeed is blowing up about people who can't breath, can't see, and can't seem to dust enough pollen off their cars!

(I may or may not be talking about myself, BUT social media has proven that I'm far from alone in this!)

Today in the middle of Cat Country Morning's with Joe and Rachel, after I endured 6 consecutive sneezes, I realized that this madness had to be put to rest.

But since there's not much of a cure to seasonal allergies other then medicine, bathing, and limited outdoor use;  Here is who/what we're pointing the finger at for our misery:

  • Credit: Steve Frost, Thinkstock
    Credit: Steve Frost, Thinkstock

    The Sun

    Back To Basics: Yes, springtime brings deliciously longer days, warmer weather, and blooming flowers. But, none of that would be so without our BFF, the Sun. Thanks to the sun, this warmer weather is producing grasses, trees, flowers and weeds: all of which contain pollen. And for people with allergies (which let's face it, it's most of us) it means sneezing, aching, itching, and clouding.

    The Fix: You know those people who walk around with umbrellas on a beautiful sunny day cause they're allergic to the sun? Genius.

  • Credit: Svetlana Larina, Thinkstock
    Credit: Svetlana Larina, Thinkstock


    Why must the perfect temperature be within the spring night? The biggest problem pollen-sensitive people have, are when people sleep with the windows open.

    Those suckers let the pollen right into your home with the cool night breeze and make your sleep and your life unbearable.

    The Fix: Keep the windows shut and the air conditioner to keep the pollen OUT.

  • Credit: Design Pics, Thinkstock
    Credit: Design Pics, Thinkstock


    According to Miguel P. Wolbert, MD, an allergist certified in pollen counting for the National Allergy Bureau; He says most plants pollinate from 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

    The Fix: Save the jog for later in the day, and hibernate in your bed until 9.
    And if your boss has something to say about it just sing him/her the song, "Nine to Five"... it's basically law.

  • Credit: Robert Hoetink, Thinkstock
    Credit: Robert Hoetink, Thinkstock

    The Wind

    That sucker just picks up the resting pollen like loose change, and spreads the love out like it's making us rich...WITH ALLERGIES.

    The Fix: There ain't no shame in a face mask...but you could also benefit from a hat, sunglasses and avoiding the cotton clothing so the pollen doesn't get stuck in your hair, eyes and clothes!

  • Credit: chendongshan, Thinkstock
    Credit: chendongshan, Thinkstock


    As if giving your pet a bath wasn't annoying enough... now you should probably do it more often this season! Pollen is getting stuck in the hair of your pets and letting that robber-of-life right into your home!

    The Fix: Quit blaming the "dog allergy", suck it up, set up a bath and get rid of the allergy ON the dog.

  • Credit: ekapong_1980, Thinkstock
    Credit: ekapong_1980, Thinkstock


    As awkward as it may be to whip the shoes off at work...maybe we should start a new trend! Your shoes carry all the resting pollen that's on the ground, into your office and your home!

    The Fix: It's basically summer time, use that as the excuse for walking around barefoot inside! Or maybe just designate a pair of shoes for the outdoors and leave a pair at the office.

  • Credit: Catherine Yeulet,Thinkstock
    Credit: Catherine Yeulet,Thinkstock

    Mom & Dad

    Genetics. Sorta. If you think you're the only one in the world with allergies, you're wrong. If you think everyone in the world has allergies, you're also wrong.

    Just thank mommy and daddy for gracing you with the allergy gene cause you're amongst the lucky 35 million Americans that are sensitive to pollen.

    The Fix: Prayer. And Medicine.

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