South Jersey native Dom Nero grew up in Camden County. Little did he know that poking fun at his roots would launch him to internet stardom years later.

Nero's video, 'South Jersey Boyfriend' throws out there every single South Jersey stereotype that we all deep down know are absolutely true. His love for the Phillies, the Eagles fight song, and even Mack and Manco's all get special shout-outs in his hilarious parody of what it's like to be trapped in quarantine with your South Jersey man.

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Ladies, let's be real - we've all dated this guy. Heck, some of us married him, haha! Now that he's gone viral, Nero told 6ABC's Sara Bloomquist that he's super proud to be a South Jerseyian.

Funny how Nero talks about the news and ends up on that exact news show. Full circle.

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