Every Philly and South Jersey resident will agree that there's something both nostalgic and comforting about 6abc Action News. Not only is it a legendary news source within the entire Delaware Valley, but many of us grew up with these news anchors and welcomed them into our homes each and every night.

It was almost as if, over time, they became a part of our families.

Despite being part of a larger media market (Philadelphia), Channel 6 Action News maintains a strong focus on local news in South Jersey, addressing issues and events that are particularly relevant to residents of the region.

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Overall, South Jersey's preference for Channel 6 Action News is a combination of historical ties, trust in its reporters, comprehensive coverage of local events, and its role as a primary source of news for the region.

People love Action News so much that they say the song should be the official theme song of Philadelphia. Honestly, isn't it already?

In case you didn't know, the theme song actually has a name. It's called "Move Closer To Your World".

The history of the Action News theme song

It was composed by Al Ham, a renowned jingle writer and composer who created many memorable musical pieces for television and radio.

Over the years, the theme song has undergone some variations and updates to keep it fresh while maintaining its core elements and recognition factor.

"Move Closer to Your World" has become ingrained in the cultural memory of the Philadelphia area and beyond. Nostalgia at its finest, right there. People who've since moved away from the area say they instantly feel warm and fuzzy when visiting home and hear it at the top of the hour.

It really should be Philly's theme song. You'll agree with me after watching the rendition performed by Philharmonia that went viral on social media. If you're unfamiliar with the group, their Instagram bio reads, "PhilHarmonia is a Philadelphia-based 40-voice mixed choir, singing classical and contemporary a cappella choral music."

All the members are extremely talented. There's no denying that after you hear them perform the Action News theme song. WATCH:

It's soooo good, isn't it??

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