It’s no secret that New Jersey has some of the best pizza spots in the country. Better than New York, better than Detroit, better than Chicago.

If you ask any New Jerseyan, we’ll gladly say that we have the best pizza in the world and you don’t have to doubt that statement because it’s actually true.

Big 7 Travel put a list together of the 50 best pizzas in the WORLD.

We’re not just talking about the United States. These pizzas come from all over and there is some stiff competition.

DeLucia's, David Portnoy - One Bite Pizza Reviews, YouTube
DeLucia's, David Portnoy - One Bite Pizza Reviews, YouTube

Does Italy make the list a few times? Yes, but so does China. Pizza in China!

But what’s really cool about this list is that our little state on the east coast of America made this list and not the bottom of it. New Jersey sits at number 16 out of 50!

Now you’re probably wondering what pizzeria in New Jersey made this huge list.

It’s Bricco Coal Fired Pizza in Westmont.

Does it sound familiar? That’s because it’s also been named in the top 50 pizzerias in the country.

Big 7 Travel says the pizza is “crispy, chewy perfection, then topped with fresh ingredients from local farmer’s markets.”

New Jersey pizza isn’t the only American state to make this list. Some are even in the tri-state area.

Frank Pepe in Connecticut sits at #15

Ops in Brooklyn takes the #39 spot

Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia is at #6

Pequod’s in Chicago is at #36

#32 is Pizza Delicious in New Orleans

Pijja Palace in LA is at #30

Buddy’s Pizza in Detroit is at #25

Del Popolo in San Francisco sits at #19

San Francisco clearly has “good” pizza as Tony’s Pizza Napoletana comes in at #11

Can you believe pizza in Portland landed the #2 spot? It’s Ken’s Artisan Pizza

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