You've probably been advised more than once to make sure you're not carrying around huge wads of cash. The dangers of doing so are pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain, right? You'd think so, but people still do it.

Photo by @alexandermilson Unsplash
Photo by @alexandermilson Unsplash

Still, that's not what the government is warning you to ditch ASAP. Almost everywhere still accepts cash, so it's not a big deal if you're carrying around a few twenties.

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If you're thinking to yourself "maybe, I need to not carry around so many credit cards," well, that's true. Not because of any fear of being robbed, though... you can cancel credit cards pretty quickly, should they be stolen.

Credit cards and American money
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Nope. What the government is pushing for you to STOP keeping in your wallet is your social security card. I don't understand why people do that anyway. That's literally your entire identity wrapped up in nine numbers. Anybody gets a hold of that and you've got a HUGE can of worms to deal with, friend.


Keep it somewhere safe. Never at any point does that need to be on your physical person at all times. Honestly, there's no reason for it.

If you don't believe us, you can see for yourself HERE.


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