🔵 Proposal would help drivers or passengers with irritable bowel syndrome

🔵 Anyone with certain gastrointestinal disorders would get a special placard

🔵 This special pass would allow those with a GI disorder the ability to park closer

It can be very embarrassing to have a gastrointestinal disorder that may lead to frequent trips to the bathroom, but something happens on the way to getting to one in public.

There is legislation being introduced that would provide some relief to New Jersey residents in these situations.

Jersey Shore State Senator Robert Singer (R-30) said his bill would provide those with disorders including IBS, IBD, and Crohn's Disease a special placard for their vehicle to park in handicapped spots.

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"This is just the right thing to do to help people out," Singer tells Townsquare Media News.

"It's a small group of people, it's not a lot, and it's something that makes people feel more comfortable going to a shopping mall, going someplace and not having to worry about it."

Those with GI related disorder would be able to park in handicapped spots

It wouldn't require any businesses, stores, etc. to add in additional handicapped parking, just allow those with any of these gastrointestinal disorders to park in those spaces when they need to do so.

"If they don't need to use it, they won't use it -- it's really an emergency type situation for them," Singer said.

He isn't worried about anyone trying to take advantage of having this pass and using it in non-emergency situations or having someone else use it.

"I like to think the best of people, that they wouldn't do that," Singer said.

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However, there are rules and guidelines that come with getting such a placard.

"The person who is issued the handicapped (placard) must be in the vehicle, if not, they do receive a ticket," Singer said.

"This is not for someone to park someplace. If someone is sitting in the car parked, they didn't need to go there. This is for someone who had an emergency situation and has to find a restroom."

Singer also believes that for those who have one of these disorders, they don't want to have them, and would use this card only when an emergency arises.

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"I think people would rather not have to park there, please believe me, anybody with this type of ailment would wish they didn't have to use it (the placard)," Singer said.

You would need to have proof in order to get this handicapped placard in New Jersey

For those who do have IBD, IBS, Crohn's Disease or a related disorder, you would have to show proof at the New Jersey MVC in order to get this special handicapped placard, disability identification card, and license plate with the national wheelchair symbol on it.

"This has to be issued by a doctor, they just can't walk in and say 'I have this', same with the handicapped plate," Singer said. "You must fill out a form, a doctor must provide the information that this is legitimate."

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