Whether or not you're the one preparing the turkey for your Thanksgiving meal this year, it's always important to make sure whoever's in charge is putting safety first.

Accidents can happen at any time, we all know this. Accidents that involve cooking are all too common, especially on Thanksgiving. So many things can go wrong, however if you're going about your day and your process with some common sense, you and everyone present for the Thanksgiving feast are usually safe.

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Nobody likes to think about the "what-if," but it's so important that you do.

Your first Thanksgiving dinner pro-tip for 2022's feast? Make sure you thaw your turkey before cooking it. That goes double if your party plans on enjoying a deep fried bird.

There are plenty of videos on Youtube and social media that demonstrate what will happen if you drop your turkey into the deep fryer without completely thawing it first. Guess what? Every single one of them is a disaster. A disaster that you'll most definitely want to avoid this and every single holiday season.

Let the following video be a lesson to some of you Jersey daredevils out there. Sure, the whole thing going ablaze looks cool, but think about the safety of everyone that will present Thanksgiving day. It's probably not the best idea to even mess around with it.



In no way is this meant to be a deterrent for families wishing to deep fry their turkey this year. The point, however, is to make sure you've double checked that the bird is completely thawed before you do. Better safe than sorry!

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