Expansion programs on the New Jersey Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway are on track, and should be finished by Thanksgiving 2014.

The Turnpike has been under construction between Exits 6 and 9 for the last four years.  Once complete, the construction will alleviate one of the worst bottlenecks in New Jersey.  "This adds three additional travel lanes in each direction between Interchanges 6 and 8A and one additional travel lane between 8A and 9," said Ronnie Hakim, executive director of the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

She said "that's going to be a huge help and a boost for our motorists as well as the truckers that pass through that corridor."

On the Parkway, Hakim said an additional travel lane has already opened in each direction between Exits 63 and 80.

In addition, the state is currently working to do the same thing from Exit 63 down to Exit 48.   "It adds an additional lane of traffic in each direction, and ultimately will be going down to milepost 35," said Hakim.

She adds "the Parkway widening contributes frankly to facilitating travel and transportation of people and goods in that corridor, so when you travel that corridor and you see all that work underway, that's a fantastic boon for our economy and New Jersey."

The Turnpike widening costs a little more than $2.3 billion, while the Parkway widening is nearly $550, and both projects are being paid for through bonding.



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