Friday, two joggers reported that they spotted what appeared to be a bear in Birch Grove Park in Northfield.
It was described as 3 to 4  feet tall, walking on all fours, blackish-red in color.
There have been no other reported sighting of the animal, and authorities are urging local residents to use caution.
Birch Grove Park is just about a quarter mile from the Cat Country Studio, and I pass the park every day on my commute to and from work.
I contend what the two people saw was not a bear....but, a Bigfoot. A Sasquatch. `Squatch for short.
I know this because I have become a Bigfoot expert. How? I've been watching the TV show,  "Finding Bigfoot."
What I've learned from watching the show leads me to believe that this was, in fact, a Bigfoot. Bigfoots like to be near water - Birch Grove Park has plenty of water. Bigfoots like to be near deer, which they hunt and eat. Birch Grove Park has plenty of deer. Bigfoots like to be near playgrounds. Birch Grove Park has a playground. I've also learned from the show that Bigfoots like fireworks --- and, although illegal, people have been known to set off fireworks at the park.
So, there, I've proven it. No bear. Bigfoot.
You're welcome.