Do you remember this place?

If you have no clue what we're referencing, here's the skinny: Lake Lenape, one of the biggest lakes in South Jersey, sits right in the heart of Mays Landing.

If you've been a resident of the South Jersey region for more than 30+ years, then you've at least heard some amazing stories about the park that used to serve as a recreational summer hot spot for residents of Mays Landing and beyond. To say that in past tense is semi-incorrect since the park is still open for people to sunbathe along the banks, kayak, camp, etc. However, the phrase is accurately used when referring to all of the activities that were once available to take advantage of that no longer exist.

A Youtube video featured on the Margaret Peirson channel has been brought to light that features the epic fun times that were once had when Lenape Park was open to the public. Sunbathing, ping pong, water sports, any summer activity really... you name it, Lenape had it. Check out the video & get ready to feel the nostalgia:

Those were the days, huh? While it's still open to the public, it's not at all like it once was. Still, it's always fun to look back at the good old days.

Source: Youtube

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