Bring on the pitchforks. I am stating as a pure FACT Formula-1 is 1,000xs better than NASCAR. My opinion is that it is a fact. Now, you can't dispute it because it is my opinion. That is some sound reasoning if I do say so myself.

I became a fan of Formula-1 about a year ago, my brother is a massive fan. Now, we wake up super early or stay up super late to watch the races. I can't sit through a NASCAR race for more than five minutes and that's being generous.\

  • 1

    The races have a time limit.

    I'm sorry, but watching cars drive in an oval for 200 laps sounds painful. In Formula-1, the race is 305km and cannot exceed 2 hours. All sports should have a time limit.

  • 2

    Pit stops are way quicker.

    The average NASCAR pit stop takes around 15 seconds. In Formula-1 a pit stop takes about 3 seconds.

  • 3

    It is a global sport.

    During the 2019 race season, there are 21 races in 21 different countries.

  • 5

    The steering wheels just look cool.

    Is this a legitimate reason to like Formula-1 over NASCAR? Probably not, but the steering wheel looks like a video game controller.

  • 6

    The tracks are much more interesting.

    NASCAR is just one big oval, which if you ask me is extremely boring. Formula-1 is filled with both left and right turns that vary in curve.

  • 6

    The technology is much more advanced.

    Did you see the steering wheel above? Formula-1 cars are at the top of technological advances.

  • 7

    There is more finesse in the driving technique.

    In NASCAR you can just bully your way to the front. In Formula-1 passing takes more quick thinking and quick moves to pass with finesse.

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