I've lived in New Jersey for almost my entire life, so I'm speaking from experience when I say those of us who live here are pretty tough.

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A survey conducted by FrontierBundles.com concluded that the scary movie monster most NJ residents are most afraid of is Frankenstein.


Frankenstein though, really? I'm sorry, but I have trouble accepting that to be true.  Like I said before, New Jerseyans are tough. I'd make the claim that we don't scare easily to begin with. Maybe, it's not even that we don't scare easy, but rather that we enjoy the rush that comes with getting instantly frightened.

With that being said, you're expecting me to believe that Jersey people are more afraid of a monster from an old black-and-white film than we are of someone like Michael Myers or Freddy Kreuger? Even Jack from 'The Shining' I would understand more than Frankenstein. Okay, so maybe you can't classify Jack as a "monster", but let's be real... most of us grew up praying that the Jersey Devil wouldn't swipe us from our beds at night. So, for you to tell me that we're most afraid of Frankenstein just doesn't add up.




Honestly, even Jaws would make more sense to me. NJ is completely bordered on one side by ocean. We have the most beautiful beaches in the country; sharks aren't a foreign concept to us. I would totally buy into the idea of Jaws being the most frightening monster to NJ as a result of where we're located and the fact that there are quite a few shark sightings close to shore in our region every year. But, Frankenstein? If you say so, Frontier Bundles, but as a resident myself, you and I are going to agree to disagree on this one.

Source: FrontierBundles.com

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