I have never been more disappointed in pop culture. That's who to blame here right?

I honestly don't know who to blame.

Do I blame the designers? Do I blame Crocs? Do I blame people that wear them?

There's plenty of blame to pass around...

Yes this is a thing now. The credit goes to Balenciaga who featured these unfortunate specimens during Paris Fashion Week. Yes, they are saying this is fashion. We don't really see eye to eye on this one.

Just look how expertly styled this look it. (Insert eye roll and sarcastic tone here.) Since I saw these for the first time I've been trying to convince myself that runway isn't street fashion. People usually don't wear what is seen on runways. While this gives the designers some sort of creative freedom, designers usually skate along the line of style and just utter nonsense.

Of course, that is until they crossed the line with platform Crocs. I don't know if the embellishments make this redesigned footwear better or worse. I'm going with worse.

She doesn't even look happy to be wearing them. Can't say I blame her, I would look miserable too if I had to wear them.

What do you think of these platform Crocs?

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