How's your Memorial Day Weekend been treating you? Are you having a wonderful time?

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Hopefully most people are aware that, besides the cookouts, trips to the beach, and time with family, Memorial Day is really about paying respect to our fellow Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect all of the freedoms we hold near and dear to our hearts.

If you've been out and about this Memorial Day weekend, you surely saw a few, if not DOZENS of flags on display in neighborhoods across New Jersey and beyond.

Are you aware of the real protocol for a flag on Memorial Day? Yes, there really is official protocol.


Incase you're not aware, according to the American Flag Guidelines on, here is what should be done on Monday, Memorial Day, with an American flag:

The flag should be flown at half-staff until noon (raise all the way, then lower), and then raised to full staff until sunset.


If you didn't know about the proper way to fly the flag to honor those who've died for our country, don't beat yourself up. There are plenty of people who had no idea there were rules that should be followed to pay respect.

There you have it, friends: the official American Flag protocol for Memorial Day.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a blessed Memorial Day.

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