There's no denying the convenience of being able to fly out of Atlantic City. Instead of a stress-filled pre-flight, you get to relax, maybe grab a drink at the bar, and patiently wait for your time to board.

The Philadelphia International Airport, however, is another experience entirely. People sigh out loud when having to travel out of the Philly Airport because it's such a lengthy, not to mention stressful, process.

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If you choose to park and ride, you're likely to use one of the shuttle services located a few miles away from the airport. So, you have to drive to that parking lot, leave your car, then wait for the shuttle to take you to your terminal

Once you pull up to your terminal, that's when the anxiety really kicks in.

Tips to survive the Philadelphia Airport

Everybody who frequently flies out of Philly knows to give themselves PLENTY of time before the scheduled boarding time to check in bags and make it through security. The lines can get ridiculously long.

Sure, you can do a TSA Pre-check somewhere. That saves you a decent chunk of time. The problem is that not everybody gets the chance to do that before the day of their flight.

A reel on Instagram went insanely viral recently showing off just how long the lines can get at the Philly airport. LOOK:

The line is BLOCKS long. That's easily a 2.5-3 hour wait. Absolutely ridiculous.

Those of us who've flown out of Philly more than once might actually have a tip for you that could save you HOURS in lines at Terminals D and E. Those two terminals usually have some of the longest lines of them all.

To avoid waiting hours in line, it's best to check-in at Terminal A and then walk to your correct gate from there. Once you make it past security, all of the gates can be accessed.

Multiple people have commented that very tip in an attempt to help people avoid situations like this in the future.

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It doesn't have to be Terminal A that you enter, specifically. Just choose the terminal with the shortest line, do what you have to do, then head to your gate from there.

Philly Airport Survival Guide pro-tip numero uno, right there. Thank us later.

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