The time in history has finally arrived. A topic all people have pondered for thousands of years has finally been brought to light.

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What topic is that, you ask? Well, it's what in the heck do dinosaurs' derrières look like up close??

Oh.... you never wondered about that? Well, now you won't have to. A recent discovery has led paleo biologists to uncover "the multipurpose function" of the dinosaur heinie. Apparently, the fossil in question is extremely well-preserved.

A video featuring the discovery has surfaced on Youtube. According to scientists, the opening is professionally referred to as a "cloacal vent". Apparently, the opening serves many purposes including ridding the body of excrement as well as reproduction.

The specific dinosaur is reportedly distantly related to the more commonly-known triceratops. Called a Psittacosaurus, the animal's bum doesn't resemble it's most recent descendant, the bird, but it's more like a crocodile's. Since no reproductive organs were discovered to be preserved, no one can tell whether this specific specimen is male or female.

What they were able to discover, however, was that the Psittacosaurus's backside was pigmented differently than other parts of the body the same way a baboon's backside is pink. This means that their butts would have been easily spotted on their bodies.

The fact that most people will appreciate about this discovery is that scientists did discover pieces of fossilized poop back there.


Source: Youtube

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