Pumpkin flavor is back in a big way! Who doesn't love pumpkin (besides Chelsea Corrine, that is)?

Dunkin Donuts shared via social media that they've just brought back the fall flavor and Starbucks follows suit as of today. USA Today posted a list of all the places now offering everyone's favorite fall flavor!  That can only mean one thing: Fall is upon us!

When pumpkin spice is once again inserted into retail rotation, you start daydreaming about all magical aspects about the autumn season including hayrides, apple-picking, fall-wreath making, pumpkin carving, scary movies, and apple cider donuts. It's not just about the release of the flavor, it's the vibe that's let loose once it's released. Taking walks while admiring the beautiful colors of the season while sipping on some pumpkin spice is one the best feelings in the world. It's basically a pre-holiday celebration, or maybe it's just the universe's way of trying to ease the sting of summer slipping away.

Pumpkin spice represents comfort. As of today, you can get your pumpkin spice fix at Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Wawa, some grocery store shelves, 7-Eleven, and even Cracker Barrel.

For the complete list, click HERE!


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