It's done. It's finished. It's complete.

(At least I think so.)

The very long - about two years long - Parkway bridge expansion project over Mill Road in Egg Harbor Township appears to finally be finished.

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Yesterday, road crews repaved the portion of Mill Road under the overpass, so it looks like that's the cap to the project.

Google Maps
Google Maps

(As for the other Parkway bridge expansion projects over Zion Road and Ocean Heights Avenue - well, those are still underway.)

For two years, my route back and forth to work has been interrupted. For about a year, I had to completely take a different route to work, adding a couple of miles and a few extra minutes every morning - even though I travel to work a little after 3:30 am each morning.

It was nice that the crews managed to keep the roadway open for most of the two years, at least in one direction.

I'm sure I'm far from the only one who has had their regular commute or route interrupted during the last two years. (By the way, two years is a long time!)

A big shout out to all the men (and women?) who worked on the project. They always seemed to be mindful of traffic whizzing by as they worked. Another big shout out to members of the Egg Harbor Township Police Department who often were called to help make sure traffic in the area did what it was supposed to do.

So, it's done!

What do I have to complain about now?

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