Flashback to Atlantic City 1937 when the city had a disaster of epic proportions.

According to the website, Gendisasters.com, over 100 people were injured when about 40,000 gallons of gasoline exploded at the Pure Oil plant in Atlantic City.

According to a Charleston Gazette news story from 1937 posted on the site,  there were at least 6 major explosions, and at least 35 firefighters were injured in fighting the blaze.

Quoting from the story from the Charleston Gazette: "The plant is located in the inlet section of Atlantic City and a stiff breeze carried acid fumes, smoke and burning embers to all parts of the city.
The Atlantic City hospital with its limited facilities was not able to care for the stream of injured brought by patrol wagon, ambulance and private automobile. Some of the injured were given emergency treatment at a contagious disease hospital while others were aided on the scene by doctors and nurses. The cause of the first explosion could not be determined."

Here's some video of the fire and one of the explosions:

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