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When you're an avid gym-goer, your chosen gym becomes almost like a second home. You start to get to know everybody there and even might have a good repour with a trainer or two. After a while, you start to get comfortable sweating your butt off around total strangers because you're used to the environment and the vibes that your chosen gym gives off. I know that seems a bit odd to say when talking about a gym, but trust me, it's a thing.

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If a gym doesn't pass the vibe check, they're sure to see memberships decline.

That was almost the case for the folks over at Retro Fitness. Luckily for that gym, though, there's some good news on the horizon. Apparently, the gym got a whole new makeover! It's all thanks to Retro's new owners who recently shared some pictures of the upgrades to the gym's Facebook page.

They're really excited to welcome new members and can't wait for you to see all the hard work they've poured into this place to make it a gym that you want to spend a lot of time in. This is some amazing news for people in Egg Harbor Township to hear this week if you're looking for a new gym to call home.

Not only did the new owners upgrade the facility itself, but they've also added new machines to the floor! Ellipticals, cable machines, and steppers are just a few of the upgraded pieces of equipment worth naming. If you're interested in checking out the new and improved Retro Fitness, they're offering you a free workout session so you can go check out the vibes for yourself.

To check out the pics they posted announcing their renovations, click HERE.

Source: Facebook

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