I know it's natural to expect certain things to wash up along the shore, but one look at this and it'll make your stomach turn.

Let me just say this.... I LOVE seaweed salad, okay? What I don't enjoy is feeling its slimy texture all over my legs in the ocean. Listen, don't come at me, okay? I'm aware that I should expect seaweed if I'm choosing to explore its habitat. Still, when I feel it glide across me, I can't help but gag a little bit.

No doubt, people enjoying the beach in Somers Point gagged a whole lot this week when they tried to enjoy some fun in the sun. In case you haven't seen it yet, people took some pictures of all the seaweed that had washed up along the beach in Somers Point and uploaded them to Facebook so all of the locals knew what to expect when heading down there.

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Sure, Somers Point isn't a stranger to seaweed on the beach, but that much seaweed was a bit shocking to see.

Renee Anastasi Meehan via Facebook
Renee Anastasi Meehan via Facebook

According to the comments underneath the pictures, the town usually takes care of all the pile-ups that wash onto shore in the morning before anybody gets to the beach. Apparently, they hadn't gotten a chance that day due to inclement weather during the morning hours. That's a perfectly logical explanation for the excessive amount of seaweed, wouldn't you say?

Renee Anastasi Meehan via Facebook
Renee Anastasi Meehan via Facebook

Now, I've personally never seen that much seaweed in Somers Point, but I guess that's what happens when the powers-that-be don't get a chance to clean up the beach before people bring their chairs down. Has anybody else every experienced it this bad?

Source: Facebook

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