It's a super sweet sentiment, sending Christmas cards to recovering soldiers. It's a way for the kids to give back during the holiday season and makes for a great rainy day activity.

This post (or something similar) has been circulating social media for years now.

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If you do a little research, however, you'll easily find that this isn't possible.

Apparently, there's security measures currently in place that prohibit the delivery and distribution of any mail addressed to an anonymous recipient. Plus, the facility listed isn't even at that location anymore. The only way to ensure your efforts aren't in vain is to go through the American Red Cross's Holidays for Heroes program.

Also note, if you already knew this and had previously sent cards to the H4H P.O. Box, that doesn't exist anymore either. Multiple sources report that if you have an interest in getting involved with recovering soldiers for the holidays, you should reach out to your local Red Cross location for more information.

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