2020's been such a wild year to say the least.

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We've all had trials and tribulations to deal with that we've never encountered before. COVID-19 translated into a global pandemic that sent all of our heads spinning. Some of us still have yet to hit the ground. We've lost jobs, health has declined, and to say that everyone's mental state is at least slightly compromised is an understatement in and of itself. However, the one factor most of us haven't dealt with this year is having a child fight for their right to live.

The children at St. Jude Children's Hospital are fighting for a chance at a normal life every single day, pandemic or no pandemic. They're the real heroes. We think we've got problems, but innocent children are warriors in the face of cancer day in and day out all while the world they knew before entering treatment has completely changed around them.

No doubt, the pandemic brought on some mandated changes to the hospital's daily protocols, so it's a pretty good guess that the St. Jude kids need a pretty great pick-me-up right about now. It's Christmas and probably one that will prove to be so foreign to them regarding traditions they've celebrated in the past. Even if the patient isn't new to the hospital for Christmas this year, no doubt what they're able to do to celebrate while in treatment will different from Christmases past at St. Jude.

You can brighten a child's day this holiday season by sending a sweet message with holiday greetings. The best part? It's all virtual. The process is pretty easy, too.

You can select the card you wish to send HERE. Then, you can fill out your special message to a child battling for his or her life this Christmas. With a press of a button, you've made a child's day this year.

Find out how to send your special holiday message to a St. Jude kid HERE.

Source: StJude.org

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