It's almost time for the kids to head back to school here in the Garden State.

That means it's time for teachers to get back into the classrooms. Summer's almost over which means their free time is just about gone until next year. You've heard of bringing good ole' teach an apple on the first day of school. What about taking it up a notch in the form of food New Jersey knows best: Italian!

Did you know you can send lasagna? It's true.

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A group called Lasagna Love is a worldwide organization that apparently has people ready to prepare a hot meal for neighbors anywhere from Portugal to right here in the United States. Let's get serious for a second - who doesn't feel all warm and fuzzy inside after devouring a delicious home-cooked meal like lasagna?

You can put in the request online via their request portal on their website and have a lasagna delivered with no strings attached.

It's a great idea for anyone going through a particularly difficult time, but what an awesome idea it is to give one to a teacher who is preparing to take on the stress that comes with a brand-new school year?

People in South Jersey seem to already be familiar with the idea since it was suggested as a back-to-school gift idea in a locally-based Atlantic County Facebook group. When you sign up, you can submit anyone you want and can be assured of a contactless delivery upon the fruition of the order.

To submit a lasagna request for your kid's teacher here in South Jersey, click HERE.

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