Chunky the Cat is one lucky feline.

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According NBC10 in Philadelphia, this pudgy purrer was struggling to find a home while in a shelter, but has now been adopted by an amazing family from Vineland. The cat's name is Lasagna and after hearing about his adoption struggle, Stouffer's reportedly promised 'a bunch of lasagna' to whichever family gives Lasagna his permanent home.

The entire thread is pure gold, honestly, with people expressing their lasagna wishes to the famous frozen food brand. The Hammer family ultimately became Lasagna the Cat's human family and the shelter that took Lasagna in confirms that they did, in fact, reach out to the brand confirming the cat's adoption.

Thick cats need love too! Lasagna looks like fluffy bundle of love, so no doubt the Hammer family will enjoy their time, and free lasagna, with their newest addition.


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