Well, that's one way to convince people to "adopt, don't shop."

If you've ever rescued your animal from the shelter, you're already passionate about rehoming animals to give them a second chance at life. Don't go through a breeder. Rescue an animal that desperately needs a good home and people to love. As most of us who've rescued a pup or two will say, it always winds up being a question of "who actually rescued who?"

That's exactly what all of these shirtless gentlemen are trying to promote in the new Hunks For Hounds 2024 calendar released by the folks over at Philadoptables. They release a calendar of hunky dudes every year in an effort to get as many eyes on their adoptable pets as possible.

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This year, South Jersey residents might recognize a familiar face. His name is Blaise Lacca. Originally hailing from Washington Township in Gloucester County, Blaise is now a police officer in Philadelphia with a wonderful little pup of his own. She's a tiny little thing named Ruby. He'll fully admit that his little Ruby girl has him wrapped around his finger.

Blaise grew up in South Jersey all his life and played various sports during his time at Washington Township High School including football and swimming. He graduated in 2007 and would go on to Montclair State University to obtain a business degree. It was during his mid-twenties that he decided to make his dream of becoming a police officer a reality. That's when he headed up to Philly to pursue a career in law enforcement.

So, what made him strip down to be featured as one of the shirtless men in the 2024 calendar? Well, at the end of the day, Blaise is a big dude with a big heart. He told us that it's really all for the pets. He rescued his dog, Ruby, and wants to make sure that all the pets get, at the very least, a chance at a good life.

He was featured on Fox29 to promote the calendar. Take a look:

Show all your friends, buy all the calendars, and let's get these little guys a home. There's something in this calendar for everyone.... if ya know what I mean. You can purchase a calendar for yourself HERE.

Source: Fox29.com

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