Whether or not you consider yourself a "mer-person" or not, the one thing that's not probably at the forefront of your mind when you head out into the ocean waters is how close you are to sharks.

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Shark attacks aren't necessarily what you think about when you head to the beach. That's as it should be, since they're super rare. What's not as rare as you'd think is how often and close you're swimming with the demonized creatures of the deep when you choose to take a dive into the waves.

Contrary to what you might believe, nay want to believe, the sharks are a lot closer than you think. A video shared to Youtube by Uncle Larry Outdoors features a couple of young men as they attempt to show people whose house we're in when swimming in the waters along the beaches in Brigantine. The guys were surf fishing and gathered quite a crowd around them as they were reeling in shark after shark after shark.

Before you make the commitment to never enter South Jersey's coastal waters again, don't worry. None of these were Great Whites, ya know... the 'Jaws' breed of shark. These breeds were browns, dusky sharks, and smaller dogfish breeds that don't really post too much of a threat, if any, to humans. In fact, it's more along the lines of a "if you don't bother them, they won't bother you" type of a situation.

So, while it's highly unlikely that you'll suffer from your arm or leg chomped down on, don't forget whose house you're in when you go in for a dip.

Source: Youtube

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