As June turns into July, summer hits its stride, and so does America’s most anticipated television event of the year: Shark Week. This is the Jersey Shore, after all. Who DOESN'T love sharks??

For all of NJ's shark-obsessed, it's like Christmas! It's the time of year when Discovery Channel dedicates an entire week to shows centering around the apex predators.

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After movies like Jaws and The Meg, it's understandable if sharks aren't your thing. For most people in the Garden State, though, they LOVE them some Shark Week. You can understand the hype. Sharks are super cool! For those of us who live near the beach, they're basically our neighbors.

Shark Week 2024

This year's Shark Week kicked off Sunday night at 8 PM and will run through Saturday, July 13th, at 9 PM. There are still plenty of hours of shark-related content to enjoy. Try 20+ hours of shark media to soak in.

Shark Week will air new content every weeknight from 8 PM to 11 PM. The shows have, so far, included documentaries, encounters, live cams, and scientific insights from marine biologists and scientists alike.

Viewers can follow along with real-time updates on social media and play interactive quizzes and challenges while watching.

Entertainment aside, the program serves as a platform to celebrate sharks and discuss conservation issues. With captivating story-telling and jaw-dropping cinematography, Shark Week is easily television’s ultimate tribute to the species.

Some fun NJ-based shark facts:

- The last time someone was bitten by a shark in the Garden State was in Stone Harbor back in 2023.

- Someone was also bitten in Ventnor back in 2017.

- The sharks that breed in the bays of NJ are the sandbar sharks. You'll find them in both the Delaware Bay and Great Bay.

Happy Shark Week!

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