Think about it... that stuff(ing) gets expensive! Although the totally cost of Thanksgiving has gone down, just a tad, since 2016--it still isn't cheap!

During "Friendsgiving" my friends and I assign dishes to bring, so that each person brings only 1 thing. And even that at times could get a bit daunting for a young adult battling college loans...ehem.

So imagine what that's like for the host of a Thanksgiving dinner! Given, yes that's probably something they take into consideration before they offer to host. But wouldn't it make it easier if everyone contributed?

I did the math: For a large family like mine, each person would have to pay about a $3.00 admissions fee into Thanksgiving dinner to cover the cost of what it takes to feed my family...

Is that something totally outside the socially accepted "norm" of the holidays? Does that draw attention to money rather than the ambience of what the holiday is all about.... being THANKFUL?

What do you think? How does your family help with Thanksgiving?
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