First things first, where does the term "Friendsgiving" come from? And how come it's popularity has taken rise with the growth of the millennial generation?

Well according to the LA times: The origin of Friendsgiving is unknown, but some say it stems from the popular 90's TV show "Friends"-- that of which most millennials grew up on.

The concept of Friendsgiving is that friends gather some time relatively close to the holiday of thanks, in order to celebrate amongst friends as a prelude to the actual family reserved holiday.

Some people love it, some people hate it.
So here's a Pros and Cons list to the growing term

PRO: For college kids or young adults who are away from home for education/work purposes; It's a great way to celebrate with your friends before everyone heads home for Thanksgiving break!

CON: Friendsgiving is like a second thanksgiving with less important people in your life—but more alcohol... so maybe this is actually a PRO.

PRO: More alcohol/consumption is socially acceptable

CON: You have to trust people's grimy kitchen... and that they washed their hands before cooking. Plus you can't really watch how its cooked, which is scary.

PRO: Everyone brings 1 thing, so it's not too economically strenuous.

CON: The pie most likely isn't going to be how Mom makes it...

PRO: No-one judges the quality of the food because mostly everyone sucks at cooking in their early 20's

CON: Passing out on the couch after Turkey Coma might result in a face full of sharpie

PRO: You can totally wear your PJ's without Mom yelling at you to put on a collared shirt

The list may go what are some Pro's and Con's of "Friendsgiving" for you?!

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