South Jersey residents: make sure you're fastening your seat belt each and every time you get in the car.

This is obviously solid advice for any and every day of the week, not only because it keeps you safe but because that's one less thing you'd have to worry about getting pulled over for if you made that your rule of thumb. It's shocking that so many people still don't immediately put a seat belt on when getting behind the wheel.

This wouldn't even be up for discussion if people did, but they don't, so here we are. If you're a South Jersey resident, take extra care. Multiple sources are reporting various branches of South Jersey law enforcement agencies have gotten grants to pay for police officers inevitable overtime shifts due to the execution of the 'Click It or Ticket' campaign. According to, almost all of Atlantic County law enforcement agencies have received almost $6k in grants. In their company are towns in both Cape May and Cumberland Counties, all given similar sums.

Bottom line, this is serious, so make sure to buckle up. You will almost definitely have to pay up if pulled over. Consider yourself warned.


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