We've all been there probably more than once.

We're rushing around running errands, taking the kids here and there, trying to get where we need to go on time, and what do we do? We get in the car and forget to put our seatbelt on. Since we're still here to tell the tale, we're lucky. Not everyone gets that lucky to not have anything happen to them as they're trying to go about their day.

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The worst is when children unbuckled themselves while the parents are driving. OOOOF! I feel for those parents that have to pull over and strap them back in. While we hate hearing this, it really is for our own good. If you're a South Jersey resident, you should take the time to make sure you buckle up.... especially next week. NJ.com reports that cops will be cracking down on seat belt violations starting Monday, May 24th. It's true, certain towns get incentives for how many seat belt tickets they write. A bunch of them are right here in South Jersey. There's a good chance that one of them on the list is your own hometown.

Is it annoying? Of course. However, taking an extra second to make sure we're strapped in could save our lives, so should we really be complaining?

15 South Jersey Towns Incentivized For Issuing Seatbelt Tickets

1.) Absecon

2.) Brigantine

3.) Egg Harbor City

4.) Galloway

5.) Hamilton Township

6.) Hammonton

7.) Longport

8.) Mullica

9.) Northfield

10.) Pleasantville

11.) Sea Isle City

12.) Wildwood

13.) Wildwood Crest

14.) Millville

15.) Vineland

If you live in one of these 15 towns, you better make sure you're buckled next week. If not, you could be handing some cash over to your municipality. Consider yourself warned.

Source: NJ.com

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