Earlier today I was at Wawa to get a smoothie. I placed my order, paid for it, and then waited a few minutes before someone came out to make it. Another employee asked the employee making my smoothie where someone was, asking if she was on break. I assumed the girl they were talking about was the one who was supposed to be at the drink station. The girl making the smoothie told her fellow employee that she was not on break, but rather outside smoking. (Insert annoyance here.)

I have worked a variety of jobs, I worked at a summer camp, I worked as a waitress, I worked in retail, and of course I work in radio. While the store I worked at did not allow smokers to take extra breaks, the restaurant I worked at did. This of course annoyed me to no end.

If you've worked with smokers that take smoke breaks throughout the day, you may share in the frustration. They take a ten to fifteen minute break every hour to go outside and smoke a cigarette. If a non-smoker took that many long breaks, there would be some reprimanding.

I understand that it is an addiction, however if other addictions get in the way of your work there are consequences that you will face. Why do smokers get a pass? Everyone has their vices, but no one else is allowed to have their vices get in the way of work.

I am reminded of the Friends episode where Rachel pretends she is a smoker and smokes to feel more included at work. She joins the smokers at her office during their smoke break.

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