Admit it, you're slightly addicted to social media. We all are, so no judgement here. Social media allows us to keep tabs on the people in our lives without having to physically pick up the phone and carry on a civilized, thoughtful conversation.

Lazy perhaps, but it's become a way of life. Unfortunately, not everyone uses the same social media etiquette. We all have those people on socials that irk our souls. They could be some of the most pleasant people offline, but the second they share something, your blood starts to boil. You may even feel guilty. Nonetheless, you'd rather them not post anything at all.


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    The Oversharer

    The person who shares every little detail of his or her life gets annoying really quickly. Not many people share statuses that read 'eating a sandwich' anymore, but there are still plenty of oversharers lurking in the corners of social media: the person that posts more than one pic per week of a meal they're having, the one that shares too many pictures of his or her kid, or the one that posts too much in general.

    Which brings us to the next social media garbage human...

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    Fake Candid Sharers

    We can spot you from a mile away, people! If you post a posed candid, we definitely know it. It's 2018. There's not a trick in the book that all of us haven't used from time to time. I'm totally on board with a few posed candids once in a while, but you're not being followed with a camera 24/7. So please, limit the candids to a minimum.


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    The Self-Help Guru

    To those people that share more than one inspirational quote per day, not going to lie, when I'm having a bad day, I'm thankful for it. However, the point of social media isn't to constantly share recycled work and ideas. Show me something about your life, not just a quote pasted to a galaxy background.

    To those people that actually ARE self-help gurus for a living out here trying to help us live our best lives, you're excluded from this narrative.

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    The Filtered Out Pic Poster

    How many pics do I need to see of you with cat, dog, or mouse ears? I mean really...

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    The Overly Edited Selfie Sharer

    We all know your skin doesn't look that perfect, gal. Believe me, I'm right there with you with the slight tweaks and enhancements, but if you're sharing a selfie that is SO filtered and SO edited to the point where you're no longer recognizable, you're risking social media side eye. The judgement is real and I'm not sure I disagree with it.

    For the love of God though, PLEASE don't say you "look awful" in a selfie that you've edited to the point where you don't even look human. You don't look awful and you know you don't. You do look fake though, and you're not fooling anyone.

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